Government Contracts

Our company Northwest Woolen Mills is proud to be a prime contractor for the US government. Our textile goods find home all around the world from the hands of those in homeless shelters to our front line military service members. It is with these customers in mind that we always strive for superior craftsmanship, pricing, and delivery.

Contract Name Contract Number Contract Value
GEN III Parka SPE1C1-19-C-0007 $9,736,800
GSA Advantage 47QSWA20D008H $8,893,716
Humanitarian Blanket SPE1C1-21-D-1471 $6,846,000
US Navy Gray Blanket SPE1C1-19-D-1161 $5,894,832
GEN III Trousers - 1 Year SPE1C1-19-C-0014 $5,487,500
Berets SPE1C1-20-D-1285 $4,215,420
GEN III Trousers - 3 Year SPE1C1-19-D-1180 $24,596,505
Snow Camo Parka SPE1C1-20-D-1207 $21,000,000
OD Caduceus SPE1C1-20-P-0152 $204,750
Army Face Cover SPE1C1-21-D-1447 $20,352,000
Snow Camo Trouser SPE1C1-20-D-1201 $18,000,000