Heat Smart

Heat Smart is an arm of Northwest Woolens that focuses on helping low-income families be more efficient in managing the rising cost of energy. We partner with corporate, government and charitable entities to give families the tools they need to make every house in America a warm, comfortable, healthy home.

These tools are included in the Heat Smart Kit  which offers a three-pronged strategy to empower energy-use behavior:​​

  • Warmth – high quality, low-cost woolen blankets from Northwest Woolen Mills

  • Conservation – weather stripping from BIT

  • Education – energy tips from the DOE

Founded in 2005, Heat Smart is an initiative of Woonsocket’s Northwest Woolen Mills, America’s largest industrial woolen blanket manufacturer. They’re known for their ability to make a high-quality wool blanket at a low cost, an efficiency which we pass on to our Heat Smart partners. Northwest’s blankets have helped disaster victims around the world, from Hurricane Sandy in the U.S. to earthquakes in Haiti and flooding in Somalia.

Not only do we capitalize on their wool expertise, we take advantage of their logistics skills as well. This makes us ideally suited to work with government and non-profit partners to quickly develop programs and distribute kits.